The most brilliant baby accessory for your Disney Parks trip!

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Have you ever gone anywhere with your littles, had the stroller packed to the brim with all the snacks, toys and blankets and halfway through your day realized their favorite toy (or lovey) has gone missing?! NOT ANYMORE! 

Face your trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the grocery store, the neighborhood park or the local hiking trails with the comfort of knowing your child's favorite toy, lovey or blanket will always be there, will be safe and won't get lost. Introducing the Disney Baby Stroller Clip

My son has a Hippo lovey that one day he decided was his most favorite thing in the world and suddenly I was protecting two things with my life. My son....and his Hippo. While on our trip to Walt Disney World Thanksgiving of 2019 Hippo was dropped near the hub, and I didn't realize until we were deep into Fantasyland. When I realized I left my husband and son at the popcorn cart and raced, RACED in the direction we'd just come. Finally I came to see dear Hippo on the edge of a bench. Some dear soul had found him and placed him where he could easily be found. It was right then and there that I knew I had to design something to keep this from happening again. Hippo was too important to get lost. 

Upon our return home, I quickly jumped on Ebay and ordered as many "backups" as I could find in case he one day did get lost and wasn't recovered. Then I designed the "Hippo Clip". 

Hippo Clip Disney Baby Stroller Clip

This clip attaches to the stroller by being looped around and pulled through on the side of the stroller, then the clip can attach to a favorite toy or blanket to keep it safe from falling, getting dirty or lost. It's designed with Disney Babies in mind, including a custom bead inspired by Mickey Mouse and Mickey's Funwheel from California Adventure. 

Now you have the security of knowing your kiddos favorite things will always be safe from getting lost while on your daily adventures, or your Disney adventures. 

Stroller Toy Clip, Hippo Clip

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